RWA Token Utilities

RWA token utilities

Utilities summary

RWA has multiple utilities within the OAE framework, please refer to the table below, summarizing each.



Transaction fees

AssetChain & Xend Connect transactions, including e.g.

  1. Minting assets

  2. Transactions

  3. Event mirror execution

Means of staking

RWA is used for staking, which is prerequisite for receiving rewards, and possibility to become network validator

Means of engagement appreciation

RWA staking is used to calculate staking score, which in turn is used as the main metric measuring users engagement, which in turn is translatable into the user levels, associated with a wide range of benefits.

Means of rewards distribution

RWA is the main token used by the Xend Finance team, as a means of incentivizing OAE users and promoting preferred users' activities and behaviors.

Optional means of payment

RWA can be used as optional means of payment for multiple transactions and operations within OAE framework, including:

  1. Origin studio subscription fees

  2. Fees for specific origin studio features

  3. Marketplace transactions (if accepted by seller)

  4. Fees related to usage of specific Xend Solutions

Reputation score

Since staking score is translatable in reputation score, it drives relation building mechanics in OAE. Users will tend to choose providers and partners with higher reputation scores, i.e. other users who (among other factors) stake higher RWA amounts.

IAC accessibility

Acting as IAC provider becomes possible only after users who wish to provide IAC services have reached required user level (which is done through gaining sufficient staking score).

Social hub accessibility

Activating provider accounts on OAE Social Hub will also require having a certain minimal RWA level, however in this case, requirement will be lesser than in case of IAC.

- RWA token utilities

In Xend V3, staking RWA will be functionally connected (via accessibility, discounts and rewards) with Xend Browser, possibility to claim spot in specific territorial IAC council for a defined fixed amount of time, opening and managing subnets, domain registrations and more.

Please refer to the chart below summarizing RWA token role in OAE ecosystem

Reputation score mechanics

The RWA staking score significantly influences a user's reputation within the OAE ecosystem, yet the final reputation score varies according to the specific user's role. For an in-depth understanding of how reputation scores are calculated for specific providers / users please see our whitepaper.

Dynamic & Fixed Pricing Models

RWA dynamic pricing introduces flexibility in settling specific fees or costs, offering multiple payment options that include FIAT, stablecoins, and RWA tokens. This pricing mechanism is adaptable and can be regulated directly by Xend Finance for certain services (e.g OAE services, Origin Studio premium features, etc.) or decided upon by the users themselves for transactions within the OAE ecosystem (e.g., between providers and customers, marketplace transactions, etc.).

Dynamic Pricing

  • Stable to Volatile: Prices are established in a fixed USD amount or another fiat currency. Payment can be made in the set currency or in RWA tokens, providing a bridge between stable and volatile value systems.

  • Volatile to Stable: Prices are determined in a fixed amount of RWA tokens but can be settled using either RWA tokens, stablecoins, or FIAT, offering flexibility in payment methods

Fixed Pricing

Conversely, fixed pricing mandates a direct match between the price set and the payment method used:

  • Fixed Stable Price: Requires payments to be made in stablecoins or fiat currency.

  • Fixed RWA Price: Payments must be made in a specific amount of RWA tokens, ensuring consistency in the token’s utilization.

The table below outlines the pricing methods applied to various features and environments within the OAE ecosystem.

OAE Element

Dynamic Stable

Dynamic RWA

Fixed Stable

Fixed RWA

Asset Chain transaction fees


Xend Connect transaction fees


Origin studio fees


Stake-to requirements


Payments between providers and customers





Marketplace transactions





- Dynamic & fixed payments

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