4.2 Progressive Adoption Of Public AssetChains

From Public AssetChains Adoption perspective, The IAC Council's efforts to implement the discussed policy are anticipated to culminate in one of two favorable outcomes:

  1. Integration of OAE with Public AssetChains

  • Regulators may opt to license the OAE, integrating it as the Public AssetChain connected to their Digital Public Administration Layer. This scenario benefits Xend Finance by Positioning the local IAC council as the steward of OAE, making it the exclusive national framework, in return for licensing fees or a share in on-chain transfer fees.

  • Enhancing the utility of the RWA token by enabling participation in the IAC and profit-sharing, thus creating a robust use case.

  • Ensuring a steady revenue stream for Xend Finance through commission fees from IAC revenue.

  1. Development of an Independent Solutions

Alternatively, a regulator might develop an independent system analogous to the OAE. This outcome still presents advantages for Xend Finance by Allowing the adjustment of the four levels of OAE AssetChain infrastructure to mirror the specific country's setup, positioning it as a superior alternative connected to a global network of asset owners and on-chain capital.

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