2.8.5 Intrinsic Legalization

The AssetChain infrastructure, supported by OAE and the involvement of IAC, ensures that onboarding assets (whether tangible, non-tangible, or standalone blockchain tokens recognized as digital assets) - results in their intrinsic legalization. This process includes:

  • Associating each onboarded asset with a legally recognized asset definition.

  • Linking tokens related to these smart contracts with specific token standards and substandards that reflect legal definitions of asset-related rights beyond mere ownership.

  • Involving compliance validators who are required to confirm the legality of the asset onboarding and tokenization processes (if they are not involved, the compliance credibility of the asset is zero, which might differ people from buying any tokens related to it).

This framework eliminates the issuance of tokens based on vague or indirect promises about their future value or profit. In OAE, token issuers must clearly define the rights represented by the tokens (using legal classifications) and the specific assets to which they are connected. This approach effectively closes the gray area previously exploited.

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