3.5 Node Enterprise

Node Enterprise offers a solution for both individual entrepreneurs and business entities, providing the following suite of tools for on-chain business operations embedded directly into Xend Browser.

  • On-chain Company Registration: Facilitates the immediate registration of businesses on the blockchain by connecting e-Administration company registration API with entity asset smart contract or onchain business ID.

  • Tax: Integrates features for managing tax obligations, including calculation and record-keeping functionalities to assist in compliance with relevant tax regulations.

  • Accounting: Provides accounting tools designed for the blockchain environment, supporting the recording, tracking, and management of financial transactions.

  • Auditing: Offers capabilities for conducting audits within the blockchain framework, enhancing the transparency and integrity of financial reporting.

  • Automation Layer: Includes an automation layer for streamlining various business processes, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency.

  • Digital Signature: Supports the use of digital signatures for authenticating documents and transactions, ensuring security and non-repudiation.

  • e-Admin Connection: Connects with electronic administration services (e-Admin) for seamless interaction with government and regulatory bodies.

  • OAE Integration: Offers integration with the Onchain Asset Environment (OAE), enabling businesses to leverage blockchain assets and functionalities within their operations.

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