2.3.4 Xend Connect

Xend Connect offers a dedicated environment within the OAE for cross-chain connectivity and data oracles. Key features include:

  • Omni-Native Smart Contracts: Beyond creating smart contracts on the AssetChain, Xend Connect enables the native deployment of these contracts replicas across all relevant blockchains like Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, and Solana, facilitating broader native interoperability

  • Omni-Native Bridging: This feature allows asset owners to directly manage cross-chain transfers without third-party bridges. Assets can be burned on one chain and re-minted on another, with Xend Connect overseeing the accurate data exchange between blockchain pairs. Note: Certain asset types or token standards may be exclusive to the AssetChain.

  • Event Mirror Designer: As part of the asset smart contract onboarding process, administrators are tasked with designing and implementing an event mirror oracle to cover asset authentication, insurance, and compliance validation. This tool is crucial for:

    • Calculating and disclosing an asset's credibility score based on the event mirroring policy.

    • Continually updating data on the asset's current physical status and legal standing.

    • Offering insights into any insurance-related asset events.

Xend Connect thus plays a vital role in enhancing asset mobility across blockchains while ensuring the integrity and credibility of asset data.

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