2.7.1 IAC Provider

IAC Provider Account & Reputation Engine

In Xend V2, a single open global environment exists for IAC partners, giving asset administrators the flexibility to choose their authenticators, insurance providers, and compliance validators from all over the globe.

All authenticators, insurance providers, and compliance validators are part of the OAE Social Hub, where they can set up their profiles, outline their services, highlight their operational territories, and actively connect with prospective clients.

NOTE: While a single company may offer a combination of authentication, insurance, and validation services, it's important to note that selecting the same provider for different ratings to influence an asset's credibility is not permitted. This policy ensures the integrity and impartiality of the asset evaluation process in the OAE.

To create an IAC account, users must first achieve a minimum RWA staking score. For more details, please see the RWA token economy document.

Upon opening their account, IAC providers can enhance their reputation by:

  • Completing account setup and verification tasks.

  • Securing additional liability insurance for their operations (by signing off insurance smart contract with OAE insurance providers)

  • Increasing their RWA staking score.

  • Delivering IAC services.

  • Boosting the total TVL (Total Value Locked) of authenticated, insured, or validated assets.

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