1.0 Introduction

Xend Finance so far

Xend Finance has established itself as a notable presence in the DeFi space, evolving from a blockchain-based initiative, inspired by traditional credit unions, into a platform committed to merging traditional finance (TradFi) with decentralized finance (DeFi). This evolution signifies Xend Finance's dedication to using blockchain technology to make investment opportunities more accessible.

Since its inception, Xend Finance has developed a foundation of financial tools aimed at optimizing returns for its users. These tools included: yield aggregation, a fiat-to-crypto on/off ramp and multi-chain wallet functionality.

This suite of services has laid the groundwork for a comprehensive ecosystem dedicated to financial inclusion and innovation.

The platform has distinguished itself with a user-friendly interface, a commitment to transparency, and a community-driven governance model.

Th native token, XEND (currently RWA), with a maximum supply of 200 million tokens, is essential for the ecosystem's functionality and governance.

Despite years 2022 - 2023 have been difficult years for the broader blockchain/crypto space , Xend Finance experienced a year characterized by adoption. Transitioning from a "project" to a company, it has garnered real-world adoption of its banking platform, with over 150,000 savers using it to hedge against inflation and currency devaluation. This growth reflects the platform's success in creating a product that serves real-world needs.

So far the platform has been seeing continuous significant team growth and made rebranding efforts to better connect with its expanding user base under the vision of "Global Crypto Banking For Everyone."

Xend has expanded its reach into new markets, notably Ghana and Kenya, surpassing 150,000 users.

The introduction of XendBridge and SwitchWallet, among other tools, was aimed at integrating businesses into the blockchain economy, while launching a POS agent initiative facilitated broader adoption and ease of transactions.

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