2.5.1 Importance Of IAC to OAE

Importance of IAC to OAE

IAC stands for Insurance, Authenticators, and Compliance Validators, forming a crucial triad at the heart of the OAE framework. This collaboration underpins the digitalization and tokenization process, ensuring assets have a verifiable and quantifiable credibility score.

Key functions enabled by the IAC include:

  • Asset Authentication: Asset onboarders can appoint authentication service providers for one-off, on-demand, or ongoing verification of an asset's physical condition, existence, and status of digital or intellectual properties, and critical documents like financial reports or proof of reserves. Most often authentication will be provided by various auditors.

  • Self-Executable Insurance Policies: Implementation of automated insurance policies for token holders associated with an asset, enhancing security and trust.

  • Legal Status Verification: Accurate, third-party verified information on an asset's legal standing, ensuring compliance and legality in the onboarding process and the issuance of specific ownership tokens.

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