4.0 Progressive Synchronization (V3)

Without AssetChain there’s no Progressive Synchronization and without Progressive Synchronization there’s no point in building the AssetChain in the first place.

This interdependence underscores our strategic vision for the OAE's long-term relevance and ambition: to establish a global architecture that can be used as a live, legally active environment for asset digitization and transactions.

In pursuit of this overarching goal, we anticipate the global uptake of OAE and Xend Browser, facilitated through 4 distinct yet interconnected 'synchronization paths':

  1. Progressive formation of IAC councils

  2. Progressive adoption of Public AssetChains

  3. Progressive adoption of Public Subnets

  4. Development of OAE dApp marketplace

These synchronization paths converge into a comprehensive 'Progressive Synchronization’ campaign marking the third and culminating phase of our organization's evolution. This strategic initiative aims to harmonize digital asset management globally, leveraging the unique capabilities of the OAE and Xend Browser to foster an interconnected, secure, and efficient digital world.

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