RWA Token

Token performance

In the evolving landscape of Xend Finance's token ecosystem, the RWA token has marked significant milestones as of March 2024, evidenced by its performance metrics and strategic deployments across various blockchain networks.

RWA token is now available on the blockchains listed below, under respective token hashes:

  • Arbitrum: 0x36fe11b6d5c9421f68d235694fe192b35e803903

  • Ethereum: 0x4563554284aA7148D6E6D0351519E954Ba3B6E02

  • Binance Smart Chain (BSC): 0x36fe11b6d5c9421f68d235694fe192b35e803903

  • Polygon: 0x36fe11b6d5c9421f68d235694fe192b35e803903

It’s worth highlighting that Arbitrum has been chosen as RWA ‘blockchain of choice’ when it comes to creating and supporting RWA trading liquidity depth.

RWA Interoperability

Currently, RWA enjoys seamless interoperability across four major blockchain networks, facilitated by

  • dedicated RWA bridge operated by the Xend Finance team,

  • support for deposits and withdrawals via

Looking ahead, the strategic vision for RWA encompasses significant milestones aimed at broadening its utility and accessibility:

  • Omni-Chain Presence: RWA is set to expand its reach, becoming tradable and migratable across all major blockchain platforms. This initiative will enhance its integration within the broader blockchain ecosystem, offering unparalleled versatility to users.

  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Integration: RWA will gradually appear on more decentralized exchanges and lending platforms.

  • Expansion across Centralized Exchanges: Plans are in place to list RWA on additional centralized exchanges, increasing its visibility and trading volume. This move is expected to further solidify its market presence and appeal to a wider investor base.

  • Fiat Conversion through Xend Bank: A pivotal development will be the introduction of fiat conversion for RWA at Xend Bank. This feature will bridge the gap between traditional banking and digital assets, offering users a straightforward pathway to enter and exit the market.

Integration with Payment Cards: In a significant leap towards mainstream adoption, RWA will be integrated directly with payment cards and payment apps. This functionality will allow for direct staking of the token on these cards, enabling it to be used for everyday payments. This move marks a transformational step in leveraging blockchain technology for practical, real-world applications.

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