Future Roadmap

Xend Browser

The Xend Browser is set to revolutionize access to the Xend Finance Ecosystem, integrating key features into a single, user-friendly platform. Available as a desktop app, mobile app, and web platform, it ensures seamless interaction with Xend's comprehensive suite of services, including the OAE framework and more.

NodeOs and MicroNode Operation

With NodeOs, users can activate MicroNodes on their devices, contributing to AssetChain validation and enhancing transaction security. Features like 'rotating uptime' and backup validators ensure constant network support without overwhelming individual devices. This system also transforms devices into multifunctional hubs for transaction facilitation and wallet management.

Subnet Creation and Domain Management

The browser enables the creation of global and local subnets, allowing users and groups to establish custom domain spaces with self-set policies. This feature democratizes domain registration and management, aligning with Xend's decentralized ethos.

Enterprise Tools for Business

Xend Browser incorporates Node Enterprise, a suite of on-chain business tools for registration, tax compliance, accounting, and more, making it an all-in-one solution for blockchain-based business operations.

e-Administration and NodeBox

The integration of an e-Administration layer simplifies interactions with public services, streamlining processes like tax submission and company registration. Additionally, the NodeBox feature offers a blockchain-integrated mailbox, providing secure, verifiable email communications with unique transaction IDs for each message.

Progressive Synchronization

Progressive Synchronization is a strategic initiative aimed at achieving worldwide acceptance of OAE and AssetChain at the regulatory level, thereby granting direct legal validity to blockchain events without the necessity for two-way replication of asset status.

Events on blockchain should be recognized as legal events in themselves, directly linking blockchain actions with real-world legal consequences.

The campaign for Progressive Synchronization will unfold through several key strategies:

  • Formation of IAC Councils: These councils, composed of authenticators, insurance providers, and compliance validators, aim to foster the integration of blockchain technology into local regulations. Working alongside local regulatory bodies, IAC Councils intend to pave the way for digital public administration, advocate for the development of national blockchain infrastructures, and support the creation of local subnets.

  • Public AssetChains Adoption: Focusing on the collaboration between OAE and public AssetChains, this strategy is designed to boost the functionality and economic model of the RWA token through mechanisms like licensing or transaction fees.

  • Public Subnets Adoption: By advocating for the establishment of national SubNets, this approach promotes digital sovereignty, reducing reliance on external or privatized blockchain solutions. It also opens potential revenue opportunities for Xend Finance by diversifying into new markets.

  • Development of OAE dApp Marketplace: This marketplace aims to extend the capabilities of the Xend Browser, providing users and administrators with customizable plugins and tools tailored for Public AssetChains and Subnets, further enhancing the ecosystem's utility and accessibility.

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