Future Legal Status Of RWA Tokens

In the future, RWA tokens will be onboarded to Asset Chain. This move is expected to give these tokens an additional dimension of value beyond their current utility features. Specifically, RWA tokens are set to be linked to a defined share of Xend Finance's equity.

This linkage means that holding RWA tokens could entitle owners to a share of the company's profits, similar to how dividends work for traditional shareholders.

The move to tie RWA tokens with company equity aims to provide token holders with financial benefits that reflect Xend Finance's performance, directly aligning their interests with the company's success. This approach not only enhances the value proposition of RWA tokens but also pioneers a hybrid model that combines blockchain innovation with traditional investment strategies.

The specifics of how RWA tokens will be connected to Xend Finance equity, including the legal framework and the mechanism of profit-sharing, are currently being developed to ensure that the integration adheres to regulatory standards and legal requirements, safeguarding the interests of token holders and the company alike.

Details regarding the legal structure of this equity linkage will be clearly outlined and communicated to ensure transparency and compliance.

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