2.7.2 Conflict Resolution Process

In the event of a disagreement concerning service delivery or quality between an asset administrator and an IAC partner, the asset admin is entitled to secure a predetermined amount of RWA collateral and seek intervention from the Xend Finance Team for resolving the dispute.

Should the claim be substantiated, the collateral is refunded to the onboarder along with a bonus ranging from 10-100%, derived from the RWA tokens staked by the IAC provider. If the claim is deemed unjustified, then 10-100% of the collateral is confiscated.

Additionally, if the services rendered by compliance validators or authenticators cause any financial damages to token holders or asset onboarders, they are permitted to submit an official complaint to the insurance provider that offered liability insurance coverage for these parties.

The ensuing payouts and procedures are handled directly by the respective insurance providers and are recorded within the OAE system as significant insurance events that could influence the asset's credibility score.

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