2.10.2 Appraisers And Custodians

OAE P2P lending engine introduces the possibility for social hub services providers to take on two key additional roles.

First, IAC providers can be utilized as experts in evaluating the value of non-monetary assets proposed as collateral by borrowers. Their tasks in this role include:

  • Conducting an impartial assessment of the non-monetary assets' worth.

  • Verifying the legitimacy of the valuation provided by the borrower or a third-party appraiser chosen by the borrower.

  • Confirming the reliability of the source providing the asset valuation.

Second, authentication services may also be tasked with the safekeeping of specific assets designated as collateral. This custody role entails:

  • The physical handover of the asset from the owner to the custodian.

  • The re-authentication of the asset to ensure its description remains accurate, using event mirroring.

  • The creation of a [custody right] token that is bonded to the [ownership right] token of the asset, with the relationship between these rights detailed in the asset's smart contract.

Therefore OAE P2P lending engine expands Social Hub spectrum by 2 specific roles to be taken in OAE ecosystem: Appraiser and Custodian.

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