Gamification Of OAE User Experience

Assets onboarders ranking

Asset onboarders within the OAE are set to compete in numerous competitions and rankings, designed to reward the most impactful and desired contributions to the platform. This competitions evaluate onboarded assets based on several criteria such as:

  1. TVL: The total value of assets onboarded to OAE ecosystem (‘Total value locked’) with certain minimal credibility score as qualification threshold.

  2. Trading Volume: The trading activity generated by the onboarded TVL is measured to assess impact.

Participants are season ranked globally, territorially, and by asset category, and they compete Staking rewards

(meaning every season ranking is subjected to reset and everyone gets fresh chances). Winners are eligible for NFT rewards basket, which can include RWA tokens, stablecoins, OAE incentives, staking score multipliers, exclusive access to premium features, and more.

This gamified framework not only incentivizes the onboarding of high-quality assets but also fosters a competitive yet collaborative environment. By rewarding significant contributions measured by TVL and related trading impact, OAE aims to drive growth and enhance liquidity on the platform.

Below examples illustrate how our gamification strategy could further enhance engagement and boost strategic asset onboarding:

Referral campaigns Overview

Referral Campaigns

Referral campaigns within the OAE ecosystem are designed to incentivize the expansion of our network through personal recommendations. Participants can earn a percentage-based commission on various revenue streams generated by those they refer, including:

  • OAE Ecosystem Revenue: A share of the overall revenue generated within the OAE ecosystem by the referred providers or onboarders.

  • Xend Solutions Revenue: Earnings from the revenue produced through Xend solutions by referred users.

  • Rewards for Onboarders: Incentives specifically allocated to those who onboard new participants successfully.

Referral Competition

The competition is structured into three distinct categories to cater to various aspects of network growth and performance:

  • Total Referred Validators & PoS Contributions: This measures the number of validators brought into the network by a referrer, based on their PoS contributions.

  • Total TVL from Referred: Accounts for the cumulative value locked within the platform, attributable to referred users

  • Total Revenue Made by Referred: Evaluates the economic impact of referred users based on the revenue they generate within the ecosystem and RWA fees they pay back to the OAE.

Points are awarded in each category using specific multipliers to reflect the differing value contributions of each aspect. The total points will determine the winner for each season, a frequency that is yet to be established.

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