3.7 NodeBox

The Xend Browser incorporates an integrated mailbox feature that seamlessly connects with AssetChain and Origin Studio. This integration ensures that every email sent or received through the Xend mailbox can be associated with a unique transaction ID, offering an immutable proof of email delivery.

To maintain privacy and security, the content of the emails will not be stored directly on the blockchain. Instead, the Xend mailbox employs an asynchronous hashing technique to create a secure and flexible system for controlling access to the email's content. This method allows users to:

  • Specify who can access the content of an email, whether it's a specific individual or a group.

  • Enable or disable the on-chain forwarding of the email.

  • Track the email's forwarding history and identify the recipients.

The introduction of the Xend mailbox represents a significant innovation, providing users with a legally valid and immutable confirmation of email delivery. This feature allows the fact of sending an email, its recipient, and its content to be verified through a confirmation link that includes the email ID.

Furthermore, users have the flexibility to organize their emails into custom folders, mirroring the conventional functionalities offered by popular digital mailbox services such as Gmail or Thunderbird. This positions the Xend mailbox as a revolutionary tool in digital communication, combining traditional usability with the security and transparency of blockchain technology.

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