2.10.3 Xend Fundraising Platform On OAE

The functionality of the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) platform sets the groundwork for an advanced co-crediting and fundraising framework. This extension aims to enhance the flexibility and security of fundraising campaigns through several key mechanisms:

  • Milestone-Based Payouts: Ensures that funds are disbursed in alignment with the achievement of predefined project milestones, offering an added layer of accountability and progress tracking.

  • Asset-Based Collaterals for Investors: Provides a mechanism for securing investments through tangible or digital assets, offering investors added security and assurance.

  • Issuance of Self-Executable Revenue Participation Instruments: Facilitates the creation of instruments that automatically partake in revenue distribution, linked directly to the company's wallet and bank account. This approach simplifies the revenue-sharing process, making it transparent and efficient.

Integration with AssetChain

Fundraising and incubation platforms are likely to form a ‘precursor’ step before issuance of specific assets on the AssetChain. This strategy is particularly relevant for projects at their inception or expansion stages, where securing funding is crucial. The envisioned process involves:

  • Tokenized relations via AssetChain: This includes the creation of on-chain representations for companies and equities/shares, transforming them into programmable entities capable of interacting within the blockchain ecosystem.

  • Issuance of Tokens Through Smart Contracts: The platform supports the issuance of various token types, leveraging these smart contracts. These tokens include:

  • Tokenized Equity/Shares: Offering a digital representation of ownership or equity in a company.

  • Loans: Enabling the borrowing and lending of funds under predefined terms.

  • Access Tokens: Granting token holders specific rights or access within the ecosystem, such as participation in decision-making processes or access to exclusive services.

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