3.3 Subnet

The Xend Browser introduces the capability to create subnets, empowering any node or collective of nodes to establish a 'Subnet' accessible to all Xend Browser users. Administrators of these subnets have the autonomy to set up their domain registration and hosting fees policies.

Xend Browser will support two levels of subnets:

  • Global: This level is overseen by the Xend Finance team, adhering to the Xend domain registration policy. It is primarily designed for companies and asset profiles websites.

  • Local: Users, either individually or in groups, can establish local subnets. These have the flexibility for creators to implement their domain registration policies.

Domain registration within the Xend Global Subnet, as well as the creation of local subnets, will be exclusively available to users who achieve a specified staking score level. Moreover, Xend Finance will impose commission or fixed fees for the following transactions:

  • Domain registration within any local subnet,

  • Sales or purchases of domain names.

This structure promotes a decentralized yet structured ecosystem for domain management and hosting within the Xend Finance platform, offering various levels of engagement and autonomy to its users.

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