RWA Economy Ecosystem Participants

Below table summarizes all OAE and RWA ecosystem participants, added value they are expected to bring into the ecosystem and the added value they expect from it

Table 2 - RWA economy ecosystem participants

Participant Type

Added Value to the Ecosystem

Expected Value from the Ecosystem

Xend ID & Wallet Owners

Use wallets to manage assets, engage in transactions, and interact with the ecosystem's services. Every wallet is linked with user Xend ID.

Secure and user-friendly asset management, integration with various ecosystem services

IAC Providers

Integrate real-world assets and services, bridging traditional property layer with web3 property layer. Inducing RWA buy pressure and staking tokens as part of reputation score buildup.

Gain service fees, access to a broad user base, and strategic partnerships, becoming exclusive local IAC providers as part of progressive synchronization campaign.

Asset Authenticators

Validate the authenticity and legal status of assets being onboarded into the ecosystem, ensuring trust and credibility.

Fees for authentication services, enhanced reputation within the ecosystem, and the opportunity to contribute to the ecosystem's security.

Insurance Providers

Offer insurance policies for assets and tokens, adding a layer of financial security and trust for participants engaging with the ecosystem.

Premiums from insurance policies, a stake in the ecosystem's growth through the provision of essential financial security services.

Compliance Validators

Ensure that assets and their tokenization comply with relevant legal and regulatory standards, enhancing the ecosystem's legitimacy and operational integrity.

Fees for compliance validation services, recognition as key contributors to the ecosystem's integrity, and the establishment of trust with users.


Ensure transaction validity, network security, and consensus.

Receive transaction fees and staking rewards.


Enhance the ecosystem's trust and transparency by providing accurate valuations for assets, ensuring that financial activities are based on reliable asset assessments.

Recognition as trusted professionals, compensation for valuation services, and opportunities for engagement in a wide range of ecosystem activities requiring expert asset evaluations.


Ensure the integrity and safety of physical or digital assets within the ecosystem, supporting the ecosystem's credibility and reliability for asset-backed activities.

Fees for custodial services, recognition for contributing to the ecosystem's security and trustworthiness, and opportunities for partnerships with other ecosystem participants requiring secure asset custody.

Other Service Providers

Offer various services within the ecosystem, enhancing user experience and functionality.

Gain service fees, access to a broad user base, and strategic partnerships.

Asset admins / onboarders

Create and manage digital representations of real-world or digital assets on the blockchain.

Benefit from asset tokenization, access to a global market, enhanced liquidity, intrinsic legal compliance. Access to providers social hub, IAC providers and Origin Studio for token issuance and on-chain management.

OAE Token Holders (any tokens)

Invest in the ecosystem and as such - increasing Total Value Locked within the OAE framework, and the transaction volume handled by it. Increase the overall user base of OAE, act as a final ‘user-customer’, driving the widespread adoption of the product.

OAE Assets appreciation, access to investment opportunities, and verifiable, compliant digitized property ownership.

RWA stakers

Provide liquidity, security, and stability through token staking.

Earn rewards, increase in token value, and access to premium features or contribution roles.

Market Makers and Investors

Provide liquidity to asset markets and invest in assets and tokens within the ecosystem, contributing to market depth and financial stability.

Return on investment through asset appreciation, dividends, or interest payments, and influence in the ecosystem through significant investments.

P2P borrowers

Increase the ecosystem's dynamism by using diverse lending opportunities and demonstrating the practical utility of digital assets as collateral.

Access to flexible, secure loans with competitive terms, leveraging their digital assets for financial needs without liquidating them.

P2P lenders

Provide essential liquidity, enabling the ecosystem's credit mechanisms and supporting the financial activities of other participants.

Reliable returns on investments through interest on loans, secured by asset based collaterals, and a robust platform for managing lending risks.


Drive innovation and growth within the ecosystem by initiating new projects or businesses directly within the OAE framework enhancing the ecosystem's vibrancy and diversity.

Access to a wide pool of potential investors, streamlined fundraising processes, and the ability to secure funding through tokenized assets and equity.

Investors on Fundraising Platform

Contribute to the ecosystem's capital flow, support emerging projects or businesses, and validate the ecosystem's potential for generating viable investment opportunities.

Opportunities for strategic investments with clear risk-reward profiles, participation in the growth of the ecosystem, and potentially high returns through equity, dividends, or interest.

Please also refer to the chart on the next below providing more details on OAE ecosystem participants and their relations with each other and with the ecosystem.

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