2.3.5 GOR

The Global Ownership Register (GOR) is a comprehensive web portal that functions as a hub for showcasing asset profiles. It’s a blend of CoinMarketCap and Etherscan approaches but with a unique twist. Key features include:

  • Asset profile pages.

  • Lists of all top token holders associated with an asset's smart contract.

  • Records of transactions conducted by these token holders.

  • Documentation of all events linked to the asset through the event mirror oracle.

  • An asset's credibility score, reflecting its reliability and trustworthiness.

  • Detailed views on the event mirroring policies adopted for authentication, insurance, and compliance validation.

  • Reputation scores of IAC (Insurance, Authentication, Compliance) partners and records of insurance payout events.

From the user's perspective, GOR revolutionizes asset profile management by linking control over the asset smart contract with control over its public social profile.

Asset profile is being set up and managed through Origin Studio, adhering to a standardized UX template to ensure consistency. This reverse approach to social profile custody provides a 180 degrees turn from how web3 tokens profiles have been managed so far.

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