4.3 Progressive Adoption Of Public Subnets

The IAC Council is actively advocating for the creation of independent national SubNets. This initiative aims to mitigate the risk of critical operational segments of a country's administration being under the influence of foreign private entities and subjected to restrictive domain registration policies, particularly those enforced by the US-centric ICANN.

Adopting this model will establish the OAE and NodeOS Subnet solution as a secure and equitable alternative to the current World Wide Web architecture, ensuring freedom from control by any foreign or private actors. The significance of this move lies in its potential to safeguard digital administration layers and reinforce the broader objective of achieving digital national independence.

For Xend Finance, the push towards national SubNets opens up potential revenue streams, including licensing or commission fees. This could involve local IAC councils being elected to oversee and manage domain registration policies within their respective countries. Alternatively, countries could adopt independent solutions that seamlessly integrate with the main OAE framework, further enhancing their digital sovereignty and operational security, while at the same time increasing OAE adoption by linking already existing infrastructure with more synchronized national data and web architectures.

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