2.3.6 Xend Solutions

The OAE framework is organizationally distinct from other solutions that need centralized management and ongoing development by the Xend Finance team. For a detailed list of functionally independent Xend Finance Solutions and their connection to OAE, please see the table below:



How and why solution is linked with OAE

Banking layer

Xend Finance is in a process of active application for a banking license to offer banking services.

Securing a banking license will enable Xend Finance to

  • set up independent on/off-ramp gates directly linked to AssetChain blockchain via Xend Connect,

  • support digital fiat currencies,

  • offer fiat accounts to Xend users.

This in turn enables users to convert their stablecoins directly to digital fiat and make withdrawals to their bank accounts.

CeDeFI Exchange (Xend Exchange)

The CeDeFi Exchange blends centralized and decentralized trading elements, offering users the choice to utilize a traditional order book or tap into more liquid, decentralized pools.

OAE provides an end-to-end framework for asset onboarding, while the Xend CeDeFi Exchange facilitates their subsequent trading and monetization.

Users can seamlessly transfer funds between their non-custodial Xend Wallets and the custody-based Xend Exchange wallets via Xend Connect.

Xend Marketplace

A distinct platform similar to OpenSea, focusing on transactions involving non-liquid tokens like NFTs.

Given that OAE and AssetChain accommodate both liquid (divisible, fungible) and non-liquid (non-divisible, non-fungible) token standards, a specialized trading environment for NFTs is essential. Xend Marketplace integrates with OAE via Xend Connect.

RWA staking pool

A platform exclusively for RWA token holders, offering the opportunity to stake or lock their RWA tokens in return for a staking score.

Staking RWA tokens is necessary for operating an AssetChain node and participating in the validation of AssetChain transactions, rewarding validators with RWA.

Moreover, staking is a critical component in enhancing the reputations of IAC partners, Market Makers, Service Providers, and Investors, thereby influencing their rankings on the Social Hub.

The calculation of user staking scores is facilitated by Xend Connect, which aggregates RWA tokens staked by all wallets assigned to a single Xend ID)

P2P credit platform

A dedicated platform developed on the OAE framework to enable direct peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, featuring auto-executable asset-based collateral.

OAE users can offer or request loans, with the terms secured by smart contracts that automatically execute collateral and loan repayments.

The AssetChain incorporates a specific token standard for collateral, which is generated by the asset's smart contract.

Establishing a P2P loan on OAE involves using Origin Studio to craft a self-executing loan agreement, detailing repayment conditions (such as amount, duration, and recipient wallet) and triggers for collateral liquidation

Fundraising & incubation hub

Leveraging the P2P platform, this hub facilitates co-crediting and fundraising with enhanced flexibility and security. Features include

  • milestone-based payouts,

  • asset-based collateral for investors,

  • self-executable revenue participation agreements linked to a company's wallet and bank account.

The hub often acts as a precursor to the issuance of specific assets on the AssetChain, typically leading to the onboarding of entities such as on-chain companies or equities/shares as smart contracts.

This process involves issuing various tokens through these contracts, including tokenized equity/shares, loans, revenue-share entitlements, and access tokens, thereby integrating closely with OAE's infrastructure and capabilities.

GOR platform

Although Xend Connect facilitates open access to AssetChain data, including smart contracts, tokens, and their transfers, an 'official' platform is necessary for structured data presentation.

The GOR (Global Onwership Register) platform, curated by the Xend Finance team, will offer free access to assets, tokens and transactions, akin to the models used by Coinmarketcap and Etherscan.

The GOR portal is directly integrated with the AssetChain through Xend Connect, serving as the formalized display layer for asset information within the OAE ecosystem.

PoS Node Console

A dedicated, downloadable operating system solution designed for setting up and configuring an AssetChain node.

This solution is integrated with the OAE ecosystem through Xend Connect, ensuring a secure link to verifiable KYC-verified identities and specific Xend Wallets, enabling seamless and secure node operation within the AssetChain.

Xend wallets

Xend OAE Wallet is an integral part of the AssetChain's architecture, enabling users to interact directly with the node-based environment rather than smart contracts layered above. This direct interaction ensures a closer connection with the blockchain's fundamental operations.

Xend Exchange Wallet operates as a custody wallet, allowing users to transfer funds from any external source. These funds are then converted into off-chain database records while under the exchange's custody, differentiating it from the blockchain-based OAE Wallet.

Xend ID serves as a 'meta' identifier managed by Xend Finance, compliant with data protection regulations. It enables the linkage of multiple wallets to a single user identity, simplifying user interaction across the ecosystem.

OAE Wallets are built into the AssetChain's foundational structure. Users can transfer funds from Xend OAE wallet to Xend Exchange Wallet, other external exchanges or wallets or different blockchains via OmniBridge.

Multisig wallets

Xend OAE wallets come with an integrated multisignature policy, enabling the creation of a 'layer2' wallet atop of multiple independent Xend OAE wallets, regardless of their association with the same or different Xend IDs.

Outbound transactions from multisig wallets need to receive approval from all co-creating wallets.

This feature is embedded directly within the base AssetChain blockchain infrastructure, offering an optional yet robust layer of security for the storage of tokens and the administration of smart contracts.

Multisignature wallets are especially recommended for managing assets and tokens of significant value, enhancing security and governance within the OAE ecosystem.

AI assistant

The AI Assistant layer is a GPT-like environment tailored for users across the OAE ecosystem, facilitating interaction with the Xend Ecosystem through conversational AI.

This tool enables users to execute commands and utilize features by simply conversing with an AI chatbot. Additionally, it allows for the design of complex, cross-environment workflows that can autonomously perform a series of actions across various platforms like Origin Studio, CeDeFi Exchange, P2P Lending Platform, and the AssetChain, based on specific sequences, timelines, or conditions.

The AI Assistant, once authorized, is capable of interacting with the OAE and the entire Xend Ecosystem.

This integration enhances user experience by simplifying navigation and action execution within the ecosystem, streamlining operations through advanced, AI-driven commands and workflows.


Please refer to ‘Banking layer’ solution

Please refer to ‘Banking layer’ solution

Xend bridge

Built on the Xend Connect framework, Xend Bridge offers a trustless mechanism for transferring cryptocurrencies across different blockchains, employing a binary system where migrations are either completely processed or entirely rejected, eliminating partial transfers or custody-based intermediate holdings.

Xend Bridge supports two primary methods:

  • Pegging/De-pegging: Ideal for existing tokens, stablecoins, and cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, USDC, etc.

  • Burning and Re-minting: Utilizes native smart contracts to burn tokens on the source chain and re-mint them on the target chain, a method exclusively available for omni-native tokens created via Origin Studio within the OAE framework.

Xend Bridge is intricately linked to the Xend Connect ecosystem, leveraging a specialized data-exchange oracle for operations. With authorization from asset smart contract administrators, it can also engage its omni-native capability to facilitate direct cross-chain transfers by enabling the specific burning and re-minting functions, enhancing the fluidity and versatility of asset movement within the OAE framework.

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