2.3.2 Origin Studio

Origin studio allows users to quickly create smart contacts for any known assets types, and issue ownership tokens linked to these assets. Studio contain several groups of features, which are as follows:

  • RWA tokenizer - allows users to register any type of asset as smart contract, via simple step-by-step procedure. RWA tokenizers support migration of existing tokens from other blockchains to AssetChain.

  • Playground - contains Sandbox for ‘fictional’ asset registration and token issuance, as well as ‘Simulator’ - allowing to parametrize and stress test hypothetical token launch scenarios within a simulated, AI environment, with simulated partners, community and interactions.

  • Token economy manager - contains a variety of features allowing to create and manage asset economy in real time, including vesting schedules, token holders, liquidity management, tokens listings, rewards and airdrops campaigns, incentivisation campaigns and more.

  • Watchdog - Series of automated solutions related to smart contracts security, AML, fraud detection, abnormalities detection and more.

  • Compliance - series of solutions related to the management of compliance and contractual obligations, KYC, agreements, digital signatures and more.

  • Admin panels - panels dedicated for smart contact administrations, as well as dedicated corporations panels for involved partners - IAC, auditors, market makers, investors and more.

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