2.3.1 AssetChain

The AssetChain is an independent blockchain, utilizing a Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism based RWA token.

In the first version (Xend V2), nodes can participate and validate AssetChain transactions through a dedicated PoS console. Moving to version 3 (Xend V3), the node operating system is integrated directly within the Xend Browser.

Assets are onboarded to the AssetChain via Origin Studio as smart contracts with KYC-verified administrator assigned to that smart contract, linked with Xend ID. Administration over the smart contract is functionally separated from asset ownership - please refer to the Asset Smart Contract Administration section of this paper for more details.

AssetChain introduces a variety of token standards, each tailored to the specific type of legal rights to the assets. For more details, please refer to Assets as smart contracts, rights as tokens section.

Assets on the AssetChain are bound by a verifiable legal binding policy. For further details, refer to the section on Verifiable Legal Binding.

The primary wallet for the AssetChain is the Xend OAE wallet, which supports native multi-signature setups. These

multi-signature policies can be managed through the Origin Studio. For more details, please see Xend Solutions.

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